LAR Grizzly 45 Winchester Magnum for sale


L.A.R. Grizzly 45 Winchester Magnum For Sale

Must be shipped to current FFL.

Serial #001xxx Mark I

Blued, factory 6.5" barrel with factory muzzle break (Compensator).  Four Win Mag magazines.

Original box and instructions.  Factory leather holster.  Several hundred new primed

cases.  Several new boxes of DoubleTap DT Hunter 300gr. JHPs.  Couple extra

slide recoil springs and barrel wrench.  Includes 3 piece reloading dies.

$2,200.00 + $50.00 shipping

Payment required USPS Money Order




Send us an inquiry if you are interested.


All of the ammo below were hand loads.  Velocities range from 1400 to 1900 fps.
All rounds were shot into one gallon oil can jugs full of water except the
 Barnes XPB and it was dug out of a dirt bank.  The Berry 250gr. passed thru all 15 jugs.

 Links to Bullet Manufacturers

Barnes - Hornady - Berry
Montana Gold - Grizzly Cartridge

Cast Performance 265 grain


#1 Barnes XPB 250gr.  -  #2 Hornady FTX 250gr.   -  #3 Hornady FTX  225gr.

The LAR Grizzly Pistol websites are all over the web.  We want this site to be an informative place for shooters and hunters to be able to find useful info.

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The PMR-30 22 magnum semi-auto pistol is one of the best handguns to carry for self protection during your camping & fishing trips.  It is a great gun to carry concealed due to light construction.  The best pointing and handling handgun that I own.  Has proved to be very accurate and hard hitting.  With the open sights and my poor eyesight I placed 19 out of 32 shots in a six inch circle at 100 yards off a rest.  Any coyote would be hurting @ 100 yards.



Model 21 460 Rowland conversion




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